Armorcoat Safety and Security Film Deters Burglary | Window Film

A Bad Economy Brings Increase in Burglaries, Home Invasions

Home InvasionThe number of calls we have received since the first of the year regarding SolarGard® “Armorcoat™” Safety and Security Window Film has been stunning. It’s not like a few years ago when everyone was talking about Safety and Security Film for storm protection either. These calls are from people who are frightened by the number of break-ins in their neighborhoods – oftentimes neighbors’ homes; sadly, sometimes; their own. No neighborhood is immune! Police departments and community associations alike are recommending Security Film as a strong deterrent to burglary simply because the film makes it so much harder to gain entry into a protected home. Either it takes too long, or it is too noisy; and no burglar is going to risk getting caught because of that!

Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Films are tough, impact-resistant films that will hold glass together if broken; providing a significant level of protection against “smash and grab artists” who want to gain quick, quiet entry into a home. And since Armorcoat™ is available in both clear and tinted (sun control) versions, many homeowners find it an attractive, affordable upgrade over simply installing sun control film to control unwanted heat, glare, and fading.hurricane-window-film-protection-sarasota

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your home won’t get “hit.” Home break-ins occur every few seconds; and few things are as unsettling as the helpless feeling of violation experienced by a homeowner whose sense of security has been destroyed. If you live in the Bradenton, Sarasota, or Venice area, you should contact Solar-X of Sarasota today and see how affordable an installation of Armorcoat™ can be.

How Do I Choose The Right Window Film?|Residential Window Tinting

Asking that question is a great way to start!

Every successful purchase will bring together the client, the right window film contractor, and the product that best addresses the client’s concerns. It doesn’t have to be hard! But… Since you’re buying a product that is going to last a long time, you want it to perform in a way that addresses your needs, and you want the job done right! So let’s start with:

Picking the right window film contractor.

Isarasota window tinting dentifying a qualified contractor involves not much more than common sense. Look in the Yellow Pages, for example. A dealer who advertises auto alarms, stereos, and auto tinting is probably not the guy with the biggest selection of residential films. Go online. Any dealer with a decent website is going to describe his product selection, and his credentials. Presumably, you’re looking for a dealer who has been in the film industry for a long enough time to bring a level of expertise that is suitable to your project.  Pick two or three candidates, and then further narrow them down based on:

Selecting the right window film product.

No one  expects you to be a window film expert, no matter how much online research you might do. But your prospective window film contractor should be an expert – one who can understand what you are trying to accomplish and help you select the best film to achieve that end. Describe what you would like to see in  a film product – do you want a non-reflective look, or do you want to see out at night without a roomside reflection? Do you want to maximize light into the room? If you tell your desires to a qualified contractor, then he or she should be able to select an appropriate product and justify his suggestion by thoroughly explaining its properties and benefits as they pertain to your needs. This is the part that demands your participation, so don’t be shy – it’s your home! You have a right to the complete satisfaction that only an expert can give you. Ask questions!

Solar-X has the expertise – 37 years in the industry – and a selection of products that will delight the most discriminating client. We won’t just sit back and let you ask all the questions either; we’ll ask you questions too – maybe some you haven’t even thought of – all with the objective of getting you matched to the right product for your needs and wants. After that, we’ll install it for you using the area’s most experienced installer craftsmen. We’re not shy about our pedigree – we’re here to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your window film purchase. Call or contact us today!

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Q: How long will window film take to dry once installed?

A:  Drying, or curing time varies depending on film thickness and adhesive type. Typically, “sun control” film will fully cure well within 30 days. A heavy “safety and security” film may take considerably longer than that – but don’t worry! The aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive on safety film starts to “tack up” almost immediately; though it is wise to remember that the film may not give you full protection until such time as it is totally cured. If, for example, you are installing safety film for a level of protection against violent summer weather, it is best to install it well ahead of time – don’t wait until the weather man tells you to “batten down the hatches!”

As the film dries, you may notice that moisture remaining under the film is “re-pocketing” into an “orange peel” effect of tiny dimples; or that there is a slight haziness to the appearance. Any haze should disappear within days, or even hours; though a proper PH-neutral mounting solution should prevent the film from hazing at all. The “water dimples” should only take a few days (maybe a week) to disappear.

Remember! If you have concerns about the appearance of your installation, the best time to address them is while the installer is still there. A true professional will be glad to discuss your concerns and take whatever remedial action is necessary to satisfy you.

Armorcoat Safety and Security Window Film – “No Assembly Required”

Permanently Installed Armorcoat® Gives Business Owners Peace of Mind

hurricane-window-film-protection-lakewood-ranchAlong the Gulf Coast, the need to prepare for violent weather is an obvious fact. Homeowners have taken serious steps to protect their homes and possessions, yet many business owners have no plan in place to protect their business infrastructure; or their buildings, from the devastation that these storms can bring.

Computers, files, and other vital data may be lost. Manufacturing equipment is down. Cash flow is interrupted, and employees are out of work. Bringing it all back on line could take weeks, or even months.

 Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film is a proven, affordable way to secure your facility. This tough clear polyester film, applied to all your windows, can withstand wind, impact from airborne debris, and rain damage, by holding your glass in place during a storm. After a storm, it can protect your office from looting and vandalism.

 Once Armorcoat® is installed, there is no further preparation required. It is a passive protection system; permanently installed so there is “no assembly required.”  Armorcoat® is available in both clear and “sun control” versions – an obvious benefit for those areas where discomfort from sun and heat intrusion may be a problem, or you want to optimize energy savings.

 If you have a business in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Venice, or the surrounding area, call Solar-X of Sarasota today, for a no-obligation consultation.

Business owners and property managers are also eligible for rebates when installing “sun control” versions of Armorcoat Safety and Security Film.

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Window Film and Skin Cancer Protection – UV Protection Sarasota, FL

250+SPF? You Must Be Joking!

window-film-skin-cancer That’s right!  The Sun Protective Factor (SPF) from an installation of window film is better than 250! Think you can’t get skin cancer while in your own home? Wrong! Dangerous Ultraviolet rays come through your windows right along with the visible light all day long. That’s why the Skin Cancer Foundation endorses the use of Panorama® window film on windows and glass doors to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation. Many dermatologists recommend window film as well.

That same great protection can also reduce fading of drapes, carpeting, furniture and artwork – shielding your home’s interior with the 250+ SPF factor that is so effective in protecting you and your loved ones from the harmful rays of the sun.

Solar-X of Sarasota can show you a host of UV screening window film products that can give you peace of mind in knowing that your family and possessions are well protected. Our extensive line of SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat® window films can do more than just make you comfortable. They can quite literally, “save your hide”.

Skin Cancer Recommended Window Films By Panorama May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! Call Solar-X of Sarasota for a free, no-obligation consultaion, and protect your home and family today!

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Window Film Is “Sea Turtle Friendly”

turtle-compliant-window-filmSolar-X of Sarasota Can Help You Save Turtle Hatchlings With Window Films.

Florida’s turtle nesting season will soon begin, running from May through October. Each year at this time, sea turtles drag their bulk up onto Florida’s beaches to lay their eggs. About sixty days later, their hatchlings emerge to begin another life cycle. They head towards light sources (before mankind discovered oceanfront living these light sources would have been the moon and the stars reflecting off the water) in order to make their way to the sea. Today, many hatchlings instead head further inland to their deaths; confused by the lights of beachfront homes and condominiums. Because of the turtles’ endangered status, Florida building codes  require  new construction with a direct “line of sight” to the beach to install glass with a visible light transmission of 45% or less.

turtle-code-comlpiant-filmMany people who own existing beachfront homes are concerned for the turtles as well. However, there is no need to go through the expensive retrofit process of installing tinted window units. There are many affordable window films that will meet the light transmission standards of the Florida codes. Not only will you help the turtles, you’ll be protecting your home from heat intrusion and ultraviolet fading. You’ll be saving on energy costs as well. It’s a win – win situation for everybody; especially the little guys who are just trying to make it to the water – where, by the way; they have a 1 in 1000 chance of surviving to adulthood. And if you’ve ever experienced the delight of seeing one of these beauties surface near your boat on an early Gulf of Mexico dawn, you’ll understand why we’d like to see them stick around for a while…

If you have a beachfront home or condo, and you want to help improve their chance of survival, make plans now to install window film before the turtles arrive.  Contact Solar-X of Sarasota today to preview our expansive line of “turtle code compliant” window films from SolarGard®, Panorama® , and Armorcoat® . Next, properly shield your exterior lights,  move beach furniture and other “obstacles” off the beach at night, and never disturb the nests! You’ll be doing something good for the turtles and yourself.

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Panorama Is The Window Film Of Choice

“Standout” Window Tint is Lead Product For Solar-X of Sarasota

Panorama® Designer and Safety Films are unique, advanced technology products – films that no longer need to be dark or highly reflective in order to provide impressive performance.

Panorama® films are available in a variety of densities and colors, and are of particular interest to today’s more upscale buyers who desire high performance and maximum light transmission, with minimum reflection.

The most outstanding example of this technology is Hilite 70® Clear Solar Protection; designed with the same reflectance values as untreated clear glass. With incredibly high (72%) visible light transmission, 55% total solar energy rejected, 99% Ultraviolet rejection, and uncompromised views both day and night; Hilite is truly the “MVP” of this all star product lineup.

Solar-X of Sarasota is a Panorama® “Premier Plus” warranty dealer. With Premier Plus, your Panorama® film installation is covered with the most expansive coverage in the industry – bar none! –  matching original glass manufacturers warranties that may be voided by an application, and covering potential breakage for ten years; including insulated and impact glass. Only Panorama® window films offer this extended warranty coverage at no additional cost. Call Solar-X of Sarasota for complete warranty details and a free, no-obligation consultation today!

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HiLite 70 Spectrally Selective Window Film: Clear Solar Protection!

Solar-X of Sarasota and HiLite 70: “Clearly” A Winning Combination

spectrally selective window film prestige vkool vistaWe at Solar-X have been selling high quality window film since 1973. Over that span of nearly four decades, there has been a common misconception that all films are “too dark”, or “too shiny”, or “not natural-looking“. While we don’t expect everyone to keep up with the latest developments in the window film industry, it’s time that we boot that myth to the curb, and fill the buying public in on a spectacular product called HiLite 70®. HiLite 70 is a spectrally selective window film; meaning that it discriminates against certain wavelengths in the light spectrum. One group of wavelengths it doesn’t discriminate against is the visible light portion; in other words, it lets most of the visible light through – resulting in a film that is virtually clear. This incredibly high light transmission (72%), combined with  a 99%+ screening of harmful ultraviolet light, and a total solar energy reduction of 55% result in a film of unparalleled clarity and performance. There is no “reflective” appearance – in fact, HiLite 70® mimics the same reflective characteristics as glass with no film – no dark appearance, and because the film is virtually undetectable once installed, it leaves the view completely uncompromised – both day and night!

Now let’s talk about “price” and “value”. Does HiLite 70® cost more than regular window film? Of course it does! That is “price”. But if you place any “value” on unrestricted, natural views; then “value” is what HiLite delivers. Remember; you can cool a six pack of beer and $150 worth of groceries just as easily in a $500 refrigerator as you can in a $5000 Sub-Zero, but which would you rather have in your dream kitchen?

Safe for installation on all types of glass; including “impact” and insulated glass, HiLite 70® – like all Panorama® window films – is covered with our exclusive “Premier Plus” warranty; the most expansive warranty coverage in the industry bar none. Performance certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) .

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to have been honored as “2008 HiLite Dealer of the Year“. Call us today for a free, no obligation presentation of this sensational product!

Premier Plus Warranty Puts Panorama Window Film On Top

Most Expansive Warranty Coverage in the Window Tinting Industry

Superior Window Film Warranty CoverageThe use of window film and tinting products on today’s more sophisticated window units raises several questions as to what films are appropriate, or whether they are; in fact, safe to install at all.

One issue is film installation on insulated glass (dual pane) windows, where either “seal failure”, or outright glass breakage is a point of concern. More recently, the increased use of laminated “impact” (hurricane) glass has also raised breakage questions. Many studies have been done on insulated glass, which have found these issues to be mostly rooted in poor quality manufacture or design, with these rare occurrences proportionately reduced as quality increases. Still, most manufacturers of these types of windows will void their warranties if their products are “altered in the field” (i. e., if film is installed).

Panorama ® “Premier Plus” Warranty

Bekaert Specialty Films; the award winning manufacturer of Panorama® Window Film has eliminated those worries with their Panorama ® “Premier Plus” warranty. Under “Premier Plus”, Bekaert will match the terms of the original glass manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure (where applicable), and cover glass breakage for ten years. In addition, Panorama® films are covered against defects with a lifetime residential warranty on material and labor, and a sixteen – year commercial warranty. Both these warranties are the most complete in the industry and available at no charge to our clients. Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be the exclusive Panorama® “Premier Plus” dealer in the greater Sarasota area.

Window Films Do Not Alter the Appearance of Windows

Another common concern is appearance. Many condominiums, especially, do not want highly reflective films that alter a building’s appearance, or create a “patchwork” effect with some windows appearing different than  others.  High performance films such as Panorama® “HiLite 70 will leave the appearance of windows completely unchanged from inside and out. They will also provide unobstructed viewing, both day and night – an especially desirable characteristic for those “high end” properties with waterfront or other “million dollar” views!

These products are not dark, highly reflective, or “unnatural” in their appearance. They won’t change the viewing environment, and will give years of excellent service; increasing comfort, saving energy, protecting against ultraviolet fading, and making glass safer.  In short, there is no longer any basis in fact regarding past “fears” that have been associated with an installation of these products, and homeowners or property managers can feel completely comfortable in having these quality products installed.bradenton window tinting

Call Solar-X today for more information.

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Solar-X of Sarasota: Nearly Four Decades of Window Tinting Experience

Quality Products and People, Make Window Tinting Contractor “The Area Leader Since 1973″

Solar-X of Sarasota; the area’s leading window film contractors since 1973, is proud to offer the complete line of Bekaert® window film and window tinting products. Bekaert Specialty Films is a division of Bekaert LLC; a 125 year-old, globally operating company, and an acknowledged leader in the window film industry.

Following is a brief description of each of our product lines:

SolarGard® Window Films.
SolarGard® films make up our basic line of proven, high quality “sun control” films. These very affordable products reduce heat, glare, and fading by stopping 99% of the ultraviolet light and anywhere from 43% to79% of the heat – depending upon which density you choose. Scratch – resistant, with a lifetime residential warranty (10 year commercial) these trusted tinting products have been protecting homes and offices for years from the discomfort of heat intrusion, and damage from fading.

Panorama® Designer Window Films.
A product of today’s technology, Panorama® films generally allow in more light than their conventional counterparts while still rejecting comparable amounts of heat. Some are “dual reflective;” a characteristic that lowers “interior” reflectance, and allows better nighttime vision through your windows. The ultimate in sophistication is the awe-inspiring HiLite 70® spectrally selective film; a virtually clear film that stops 99% UV, 55% of the heat, and 95% of the infrared light. The result is a window that is unchanged in its appearance, with unrestricted viewing; both day and night! All Panorama® films are backed by the Premier Plus warranty – the most complete warranty available from any manufacturer in the industry.

Armorcoat® Safety and Security Films.
For clients who are looking for protection from storm damage, break-ins, or any other issues associated with the hazards of broken or flying glass, we offer Armorcoat® products. Armorcoat® absorbs the impact of windborne debris or forcible entry, and keeps the glass in place after impact. Many Armorcoat® films have sun control capabilities as well; allowing the film to protect against heat, glare, and fading, in addition to the physical protection it provides. The advantages of this “passive” protection are obvious – it’s there 24 hours a day! That is a real relief to those clients who cannot be “on site” or are incapable of installing other means of security protection.

Solar-X of Sarasota has been bringing top quality tinting and safety products to their clients for nearly four decades! Our unmatched level of knowledge and professionalism assures you of a pleasant purchasing experience – from our initial consultation to the installation clean up! Call Solar-X today for a free “no-obligation” consultation!

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About Solar-X of Sarasota

 Sarasota and Bradenton’s Premier Window Film Contractor Since 1973.

Solar-X of Sarasota offers full service consultation, sales, and installation of window film and window tinting services for Sarasota and the surrounding area. In business since 1973, we specialize in high quality sun control, and safety and security window films for residential and commercial clients. In addition, we sell and install decorative films and custom-designed glass imaging for homes and offices. Our 37 years of experience bring a level of knowledge and professionalism not easily found elsewhere in this area, and the craftsmanship of our installation technicians is unrivaled. We are proud to offer our clients SolarGard®, Armorcoat®, and especially Panorama® window film – including the awe inspiring “HiLite®” spectrally selective products. We are a certified Panorama® “Premier Plus” warranty dealer, offering the most extensive warranty coverage in the industry, and proud to be the “2008 HiLite Dealer of the Year”. Recently we were further honored with the “2009 Regional Excellence” award from Bekaert Specialty Films at the National Panorama® Dealer Conference in San Diego.

Whether you are interested in energy conservation, sun control, storm and burglary protection, or protecting your home and possessions from the damage caused by UV rays, Solar-X of Sarasota can address your concerns with the latest technology and highest quality window films. 
Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!Window Tinting Sarasota

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*SolarGard®  Armorcoat®  Panorama® Window Films
Manufactured by Bekaert Specialty Films, LLC

Wet Glaze Attachment Systems

Maximize Your Application of Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film.

Click Here For The Printable Brochure Version.

The application of Safety and Security window film has become a recognized method of turning glass from a hazardous “liability” to a defensive “asset” when trying to protect against violent weather, burglary, or terrorism. No one doubts the proven strength of these tough, transparent polyester products. It is important, however, to understand that film alone, while keeping the glass together, will not ensure that it stays in the frame. Maximizing the film’s performance requires the application of a structural adhesive sealant; called “wet” glazing, such as Dow Corning® 995, which attaches the film/glass combination to the frame (see figure 2). Alternatively, there are “mechanical” glazing systems as well, that are either “stand alone” systems, or use Dow Corning 995® as the adhesive component. No other attachment process outperforms Dow Corning in keeping the glass in place after being broken.

The application of these high-quality; performance enhancing products can add a substantial cost to the installation; however, the cost of these products is high, and the process is labor intensive. But what is the point of applying something that does not work?

Simply running a bead of silicone, tub and tile caulk, or other sealer around the edge of the window will not ensure proper performance. Insist on a proper glazing system from a professional installer – and do not accept “whatever is on sale” from your local home improvement store. There are prescribed standards for a proper application of these products. Building owners and managers who are purchasing Safety Film should insist that their film vendors be qualified in the proper application techniques in order to meet these standards.


Ultraviolet Light and Fading

Protect Your Home or Office From FadingThe number one reason that residential customers choose window film is to protect their valuable furniture, draperies, art and collectibles – even their flooring – from fading. With this in mind, you should know a few things. The myth. The vast majority of people associate the effects of fading entirely with ultraviolet light. It is therefore very easy to understand why they might assume that a window film product with a 99% ultraviolet rejection rating could eliminate fading from their home. However, since other factors contribute to fading, one needs to understand the “rest of the story.” The facts. It is very important to understand that ultraviolet light contributes only 40% to the total fading problem. Visible light contributes 25%, and solar energy (heat) contributes another 25%, resulting in a full 50% contribution to the problem. The remaining 10% of what causes fading is directly tied to the quality, (or lack of quality), of the dyes used in furnishings, fabric, and carpet. Understanding this makes it easier to see why stopping only ultraviolet light will not eliminate fading. No solar control window film product is guaranteed to stop or cure a fading problem. However, professional quality window film can significantly reduce fading caused by ultraviolet, visible light, and solar energy. The degree of protection you obtain is closely tied to the type of film that you select. Don’t forget! You are also protecting yourself! There are two types of UV radiation; UVA and UVB, which damage skin and increase your risk for skin cancer. SolarGard® films provide sunscreen-like protection while you’re in your home. Many of our films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation! If you are interested in learning more about protecting your furnishings from fading, contact Solar-X of Sarasota today.

Solar-X Saves Energy for “Habitat” Homeowners

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