Super-Clear “HiLite” Window Film Is Most Impressive | Window Tinting

 Ultra Performance With No Loss of Light, and The Most Expansive Warranty Coverage Industry-wide!

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLWhen someone mentions “window film” to you, what thoughts come to mind? Too dark? Not natural? Too Shiny? Well, take a good look at Hilite® clear solar protection, a spectrally selective window film product that reduces 99+% of the harmful UV light, 95% infrared, and 55% of the total solar energy coming through your windows. Most importantly, it does so while being virtually undetectable and without compromising your views – both day and night! No reflective appearance either – HiLite® has the same reflective values as glass with no film!  

 In today’s marketplace, where consumers are quite conscious about energy savings and sustainable “green” design, window film such as Hilite® can be a great addition to a total interior design “package,” or energy conservation plan.  HiLite’s performance is certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and this spectacular film is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for its ability to protect interior furnishings, expensive art, and most importantly, you and your family from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light with an SPF factor 0f 285+! HiLite® can make all your rooms cooler and more comfortable; protect them from UV fading, and reduce energy consumption with no loss of light and no reflective appearance.

Finally, HiLite® films are protected by the Panorama Premier Plus Warranty – the most expansive coverage in the window film industry – both residential and commercial. Safe for application on today’s most sophisticated glazing systems, Premier Plus will match any glass manufacturer’s warranty terms that may be voided by an application of film – all at no cost to you! Other manufacturers charge for expanded warranty coverage – and it’s not as complete as Premier Plus when you do buy it! Trust the professionals at Solar-X to carry the finest quality window films available. We’ve been doing just that for nearly four decades. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate!

Going “Full Speed” Into 2011 | Window Film and Tinting | Florida

 “Carbon-Negative” Window Films Put Solar-X of Sarasota In The Lead!

Public interest in “Carbon-Negative, Earth-Positive” window films by SolarGard® has been at a very high level during the fourth quarter; despite the anemic economy. Since SolarGard became the first and only window film manufacturer to undergo a complete “life cycle analysis” – charting the carbon cost and environmental impact of window film from manufacture to ultimate disposal – people have been flocking to get more information about this environmentally conscious company and their products. A few examples:

•  SolarGard® and Panorama® window films save 1001 times more greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere than were used or created during their manufacture.      
•  The carbon cost of one square meter of SolarGard® or Panorama® window film is less than one kilogram. A low-e, wood framed window of the same size has a carbon cost of approximately 253 kilograms!
•  SolarGard® architectural sun control film installed from 2007 through 2008 saved 3.6 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 
•  SolarGard® and Panorama® window films protect your family and your furnishings from harmful UV light with an SPF factor of 285+ !

Quality Products and Superior Personnel Help Keep Us There!

Optical clarity, performance, appearance and the industy’s most outstanding warranty coverage are hallmarks of SolarGard® and Panorama® window films. The experienced, factory-trained installation personnel at Solar-X of Sarasota always ensure your total satisfaction with your window film purchase, because of their unwaivering attention to detail. We are proud of our long-running relationship with SolarGard; carrying their full line of products – SolarGard®, Armorcoat™, and Panorama®. If you are considering a residential installation of window film – from Parrish to Port Charlotte, Ellenton to Englewood – or a commercial installation statewide; feel free to contact Solar-X of Sarasota for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We look forward to 2011 with great enthusiasm and the knowledge that the products we carry lead the industry; in environmental stewardship and product quality – just like we’ve been doing since 1973!

SolarGard Window Film Publishes Its Environmental Product Declaration | Window Tinting

Positive Environmental Impact – Worldwide

SolarGard® Window Films recently released the results of their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD);  irrefutably proving that their products have a net positive environmental impact worldwide. The EPD assessed more than 30 SolarGard® products over their complete life cycle; from manufacture to their ultimate disposal; and was performed under stringent ISO 14040 and 14025 standards.  The largest EPD ever completed, the analysis covered the broadest number of geographies and building types; and they analyzed more products than any other manufacturer.

As the first and only window film manufacturer to invest in this level of transparency, SolarGard® is committed to bringing consumers, builders, and building managers the pertinent information they will need to make environmentally responsible decisions  for their homes or buildings. Other manufacturers may claim their products save energy, or the environment; but without substantiation, those claims may be without merit if they are not based on a complete, documented life cycle analysis.

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be the area’s leading SolarGard® dealer; carrying the complete SolarGard® product line –  including Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Film, and Panorama™  Designer and Safety Films. Solar-X stands ready to assist homeowners, builders, building managers and architects with the most up-to-date information and services they need – from estimates to information models. From Ellenton to Englewood, Longboat Key to Lakewood Ranch, or for statewide commercial estimates; contact us today, and take advantage of our nearly four decades of industry experience. If you want answers about the environmental impact of the products you install in your home or office, Solar-X of Sarasota has them.  And that’s just one more reason why we are “the area’s premier window film contractor since 1973…”

Energy Conservation: Saving Money Or Saving The World? | Window Tinting

Taking A Serious Look At Window Film And What It Can Achieve…

When the topic of saving energy comes up, people almost immediately take one of two sides. One side wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action against global warming. The other side says, “I just want to save money!” We at Solar-X take the approach that; no matter what the motivation is, if we all take action to save energy, we’ll all get to the same place!

For those of you who take the more ecologically sensitive side, here are a few tidbits about SolarGard® and Panorama® window tinting products that may surprise you; and perhaps give you a sense of respect for these top quality energy-saving films:

  1. SolarGard® and Panorama® sun control films are the only brand name window films that have been measured and certified to be carbon-negative.
  2. They are the first U.S. manufactured building improvement products to achieve a Climate Declaration, verifying that they are carbon-negative.
  3. The “carbon cost” to manufacture one square meter of SolarGard® or Panorama® window film is less than one kilogram.  A low-e wood frame window of the same size has a carbon cost of 253 kilograms!
  4. Over a projected useful life of 15 years (global average), SolarGard® and Panorama® sun control films will save 1001 times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than those expended during its manufacture.

For those of you who are mostly interested in saving money, try these facts:

  1. Applying SolarGard® and Panorama® films to your windows has been shown to reduce your energy use by up to 30%.
  2. SolarGard® and Panorama® sun control films deliver 6.6 times more energy savings per dollar invested than high performance, low-e glass replacement windows across all climate zones.

We could cite fact after fact, but the truth about these quality window tinting products is this. They save money. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also make your environment cooler and more comfortable. They reduce harmful ultraviolet light and fading with an SPF factor of 285+! And many of these products are virtually undetectable once installed. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation, and start saving money and  the environment at the same time! We’ve been helping people from Palmetto to Port Charlotte do both since 1973…

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Window Film | Window Tinting

“Green” Before Anyone Knew What “Green” Was…

Today, everyone is talking about “going green” to reduce energy consumption. Solar-X of Sarasota has been installing “green-friendly”, energy – saving window films since 1973!  Thirty seven years ago, we just called it “saving money.” We didn’t know we were helping people “go green.” And while we always knew that window film was wildly successful in helping to reduce energy consumption in homes and offices, hard data is coming to light on an almost daily basis that shows  just how good these products really are. For example, window film has a better return on investment (ROI) than low-e glass. And while the carbon cost of manufacturing one square meter of window film is less than one kilogram; the carbon cost of manufacturing one square meter of wood framed low-e glass is 253 kilograms!  Here is another interesting fact: over their lifetime, “carbon-negative” SolarGard® and Panorama® window film and tinting products will save 1001 times more carbon emissions than it took to make them! It’s no surprise then, that these high quality films are at last being included in important Federal energy legislation; or that they help qualify for LEED credits in six categories! Finally, SolarGard® and Panorama® window films are the only film brands in the industry to have been measured and certified as carbon-negative!

Helping Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice consumers improve their comfort, save energy, and reduce their electric bill is nothing new to Solar-X of Sarasota. Our NFRC* Certified window films reduce heat, glare, and fading in your home or office; and save you money while they do it. Why not let us save you some “green” today?  We’ve been right here all along…

Call Solar-X today for a free estimate!

* National Fenestration Rating Council.

International Window Film Association To Speak At “Energy Day” | Window Tinting

IWFA to make presentation on window film performance and energy savings.

Energy Saving Products Sarasota FloridaOn October 13 in Washington, the Consumer Energy Alliance will be hosting its fourth annual “Energy Day;” a gathering of businesses, manufacturers, energy providers, and government entities (to name a few) who will meet to discuss various energy issues, and strategies to improve our nation’s energy security. For the first time, there will be a Sustainability Forum; with presentations by energy experts and business leaders highlighting how businesses and local governments have initiated programs to reduce energy consumption, boost energy efficiency, and improve sustainability.

Making a presentation this year will be the International Window Film Association (IWFA); representing over 6,000 member window film contractors and the industry’s premier window film manufacturers. Dedicated to educating the public as well as businesses and municipal governments about the performance and energy savings of window film; they will be a prominent contributor to the Sustainability Forum.

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be a member of IWFA, and has been a member since its inception. With a focus on educating the public, business, and government sectors on the advantages of window film in the field of energy conservation, the IWFA has been an essential representative of the window film industry. As our customer base becomes increasingly conscious of sustainability not only in our products’ performance, but in their manufacturing process as well; we are also proud that the manufacturer we represent is the only window film manufacturer whose products have been measured and certified to be carbon-negative! Over the life of the window film it will save 1001 times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that were expended in order to manufacture it!   

You can learn more about window film and its ability to aid the einvironment by calling Solar-X for a free, no-obligation consultation. We have been providing a better environment – inside and out – since 1973.

October Is “Energy Awareness Month” | Got Window Tinting? | Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice

Energy Saving Products Sarasota FloridaSolar Control Window Film saves energy. A lot of energy. But that’s just scratching the surface of this amazing product. Like the proverbial “renaissance man,” window film does so many things well that it is truly mind-boggling. Sure it saves energy by reducing heat intrusion. But in the process, it also enhances comfort, relieves annoying glare, reduces fading of valuable furnishings, carpeting and window treatments, makes glass safer – the list goes on and on!

But let’s concentrate on energy savings. One of the primary sources of “energy overload” in any building – home or office – is the heat coming through windows. Air conditioning systems work full time to cool home and office spaces so occupants can be comfortable and productive – and that costs money. Quality window films such as SolarGard® or Panorama® can reduce the sun’s heat by up to 82%! They can help your home or business consume up to 30% less energy by keeping interior temperatures more stable. Films are less costly than installing new windows, and more efficient than low-e coatings at rejecting heat. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California found that window film tops the “Return On Investment” list when compared with window replacements, blinds, awnings, shade trees and reflective roofs.

In your business, film not only saves on energy expense; it can help your building achieve points toward LEED certification in six different catagories! Additionally, window film qualifies for immediate cash incentives from Florida Power and Light; providing significant “up front” savings and making the installed cost even more attractive.

Now think “green.” SolarGard® and Panorama® Window Films are the only film brands certified to be “carbon-negative!” Over their expected useful life SolarGard® and Panorama® will save 1001 times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than are used or created during their manufacture! 

More “green” points to ponder: 

The carbon cost of one square meter of SolarGard® or Panorama® sun control film is less than 1 kilogram. By comparison, a low-e wood frame window has a carbon cost of approximately 253 kilograms per square meter!

SolarGard® architectural sun control film installed from 2007 to 2008 saved 3.6 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Thats equal to:
                      • the carbon attributed to combusting 367 million gallons of gasoline, or
                      • the carbon offset by 83,740,126 tree seedlings grown for ten years

Those are some pretty impressive “side effects” from saving energy with one affordable, attractive, and obviously effective product. Energy savings, comfort, UV protection, glass safety, and helping to save the environment. Invest a few minutes out of your “Energy Awareness Month” to find out more about these incredible high quality products from Solar-X of Sarasota. We’ve been helping home and business owners save energy – and the environment – since 1973!

Referral Brings Comfort And Protection To Siesta Key Home | Siesta Key Window Tinting

Siesta Key Home Chooses Solar-X For Sun Control Window Tinting

Siesta-Key-UV-ProtectionThe Siesta Key home of Lynne Huff is a stunning example of refined tropical living. A wonderfully “open” feeling, stylish furnishings and refinements, and casual elegance combine to create a home worthy of a write-up in “Southern Living.” So, when a friend of Ms. Huff – a professional property manager and past client of Solar-X – recommended that she consider protecting all that beauty with premium quality Panorama® “HiLite 70™” spectrally selective window tinting; she listened. Then she acted.

A consultation with senior sales rep Brian Gregg quickly established that she wasn’t overwhelmed with major issues like discomfort from heat intrusion, excessive glare, or even severe fading and sun damage. She did, however; want to protect and preserve the beauty of her home’s interior from what issues she did have – regardless of their severity. She also wanted to accomplish these goals with no loss of light or change of appearance to her windows.

Siesta-Key-Window-Film-ServiceBrian explained to her how “HiLite 70″ could eliminate 99%+ of the damaging ultraviolet light – protecting her interior furnishings and art from fading – and reject 55% of the total solar energy; all with no reflective appearance, and no appreciable loss of light. She saw for herself that “HiLite 70″ would not change the look of her windows or darken her home; and she opted immediately for an installation. Now she is confident that she has given her home the best protection available, without sacrificing light or appearance.Siesta Key Window Film Protection

Referrals from satisfied customers are frequent occurrences at Solar-X. Impressed by the quality of our products, or the craftsmanship of our installation technicians, past clients are eager to recommend us to their friends. If you are considering an installation of high-quality window tinting to protect your valuable home and furnishings, call or contact us for competitive pricing and sound advice on products and performance. You’ll be glad that you did.

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“Carbon-Negative” Window Films | Performance With A Conscience

Environmental Consciousness Is At An All Time High

You don’t have to scratch too far beneath the surface to find a lot of environmental angst right now among Gulf Coast residents. But  beyond that – in fact, nationally and globally – more and more consumers are making their buying decisions based on their environmental and social values. Similar actions are being taken by energy savvy corporate specifiers and purchasing agents who are making environmental sustainability the bedrock of their buying philosophy.

It is no longer enough to just say that the products we sell save energy. We represent a  manufacturer – Bekaert Specialty Films – that has taken the unprecedented step of proving that their products save more energy than it took to produce them. They are Carbon Negative! Bekaert manufactures the only two window film brands available today who can truly make this claim – SolarGard® and Panorama® – and Solar-X of Sarasota proudly sells both!

Bekaert is the first and only window film manufacturer to…
•  Measure and publish the carbon footprint of their products.
•  Obtain a Climate Declaration
•  Certify its own carbon footprint
•  Be awarded the title of Climate Action Leader

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be partnered with a manufacturing company that has such a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Call us today for a presentation of SolarGard® or Panorama® window film, and see how “performance with a conscience” can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable while helping preserve the environment.

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NFRC Certification Ensures Window Film Performance

Third Party Verification Assures “Performance As Advertised”

Panorama Films Are Certified By The NFRC!How can you rest assured that the window tint you have chosen for your home or office will perform as the sales consultant stated? One way is to check that the films are NFRC certified.

NFRC stands for National Fenestration Rating Council. “Fenestration” is any door or window opening in a building, and the NFRC is a well-respected, independent organization that sets testing standards for windows and window attachment products. It is made up of manufacturers, government bodies, academic institutions, and consumer groups. NFRC Certification is an acknowledgement that a product receives when testing confirms that the product performs as specified.

Not until recently have window films been accepted by NFRC for certification. Testing standards are rigorous, so certification is a powerful affirmation that the product works as advertised. Most SolarGard®, Armorcoat®, and all Panorama® window films have; to date, been certified, with more being continually added.

Call Solar-X of Sarasota today for details, and know that you are getting a product that does everything it says it does!

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Thinking “Outside the Box” With Window Tinting | Sarasota Florida

“Multi-faceted” Window Film Solves Many Window Woes

Window Film Sarasota FlSome things just can’t be put in one box. Mention the term “window film” or “window tinting” and people will say “it stops heat.”  Some will say, “it reduces fading”, while others say “it saves energy.” Some will mention that window film is “green,” or “eco-friendly,” while others think “storm protection.” How can a single product elicit so many answers? Because it can do all of the above and more!

In today’s environmentally conscious society, and in an economy where everyone is interested in saving money, an application of window film can be appropriate for any of the above reasons. Homeowners may be concerned with “comfort,” or “anti-fade,” or even the “security and protection” aspects. Commercial property managers may concern themselves with window film’s “eco-friendly” energy-saving properties. Perhaps their interest lies in the fact that window film is eligible for certain tax credits, power company rebates, or can even help qualify a building for LEED certification. Window film will do that as well, and remember that window film can do all this while being virtually undetectable!

Today, identifying and addressing problems associated with heat intrusion, fading, and glass areas goes far beyond “traditional” window treatments. Our extensive line of SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat® window tinting and safety film products can provide powerful protection against any sun-related problems you may have. Let Solar-X of Sarasota put together a complete window design package that will meet all of your needs. From initial consultation to final execution, we are ready to assist you with top-quality products and installation!

Contact Solar-X today!

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Wood Floors Never Die – They Just Fade Away|Sarasota Window Tinting

Sunlight, Heat, and Ultraviolet Ruin All Types of Flooring and Furnishings

Protect Your Home or Office From FadingIt happens all the time. The sun pours through your windows, streaming over all your furnishings and flooring; adding  light to every room of your home. That’s the beauty of living in Florida, right? Until one day you realize that the hardwood floor that you paid so much for isn’t the same color as it used to be. It’s milky and faded. You lift up the edge of an area rug, and there it is! – you can see the outline of the rug clearly on the floor! Under the rug is half again as dark as the exposed floor! Next you flip over a cushion on your prized sofa, and – guess what? – the colors on the bottom of the cushion are twice as bright as the colors on top!

Protect Your Prized Possessions With Window Film

By reducing sunlight, heat, and virtually eliminating Ultraviolet with an SPF Factor of 285, window film can substantially reduce the damage and heartbreak of faded furnishings, artwork, and flooring. And film doesn’t have to be “dark” or “mirrored” in order to be effective.  Many of our films are very light and non-reflective; in fact one film – Panorama® “HiLite™”  – is virtually clear; leaving your day and night views uncompromised, and still preserving the “sunny” feel to your rooms that you love so much.

Act Now! Before It’s Too Late…

When you let visible light into your home, you are also letting in invisible light – Ultraviolet – at the same time! That’s why fading is always a problem. Window film can’t undo damage that’s already done. But you can certainly slow down further damage; protecting those items that are not already harmed – or your recently replaced flooring and sofa! – by installing one of our quality window film products on the windows of your home. And protect your own skin while you’re at it! Many of our films are endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Florida’s sun is brutal. Don’t wait any longer to protect yourself, your home, and your family. Call Solar-X today. Nearly four decades of service to residential and commercial clients in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, and surrounding communities… We must be doing something right!

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HiLite Window Films Delight Clients|Sarasota Window Tinting

Spectrally Selective “HiLite™” Window Film Series is Sensational!!

What does someone call a window film that does everything it is supposed to do – reduce heat intrusion and glare, virtually eliminate UV rays with an SPF factor of 285, protect interiors and precious artwork from fading, and make every room more comfortable – all while being virtually undetectable? Well…actual words so far have been “spectacular”, “sensational”, “awesome,” and “incredible.” When you consider that every objection to window film in the past has been aesthetic (too dark, not natural, too shiny), it is no surprise that this clear solar protection should receive such an enthusiastic welcome.

Characteristics match those of clear glass!

The reflectance characteristics of both “HilIte 70″ and the slightly darker “HiLite 40″ match or are actually less than those of clear untreated glass! To the consumer, that means uncompromised views both day and night – in contrast to conventional films whose “roomside” reflection at night can make it difficult or even impossible to see out.

Outstanding Performance and “Premier Plus” Warranty Coverage

The outstanding ratio of visible light transmission (VLT) to total solar energy rejected (TSER) should be reason enough to consider these films for your home. Or, perhaps the fact that these films have been measured and proven to be “carbon negative” appeals to your “green” side. You should also know that HiLite window films are covered by the most expansive warranty in the industry – bar none; “Premier Plus™”!!  That’s a fact! If unsure, ask to do a side-by-side comparison.

And who is the area’s exclusive supplier of Panorama and HiLite films? Solar-X of Sarasota, of course. The company that has been setting the standard for quality products and outstandng workmanship since 1973!

Thirty-seven years in the industry, better products, better warranty. Who else are you gonna call?

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SolarGard, Panorama Window Films Cut Carbon Emissions Worldwide

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is | Bekaert Films Are “Carbon Negative”

“Bekaert Specialty Films today announced its flagship SolarGard® and elite Panorama® architectural solar control window films produce a net reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They are the first building improvement products made in the U.S. to measure and report their carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of energy used to cool commercial buildings and homes, SolarGard and Panorama window films help decrease carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and help achieve zero energy building goals.”
– Bekaert press release, dated May 19, 2010

For full details, visit

The information gleaned from this report is truly stunning. For example:

• [On a global average]  “SolarGard Window Film saves 1001 times more GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used and/or created during its manufacture.”
– Bekaert press release, dated May 19, 2010

As the first window film manufacturer to have its own carbon footprint measured and certified, and earning the title of “Climate Action Leader”, Bekaert has taken their environmental commitment one step further by measuring their products and reporting  the findings in their Climate Declaration; putting themselves “light years” ahead of competitive manufacturers who have not seen fit to even begin the process!

“Window Film?”, or “Window Replacement?”

Those interested in environmentally conscious products and sustainable design now have another reason to take a good hard look at a quality window film like SolarGard or Panorama. Window replacement is not always the “greener” option if your windows are well constructed, well sealed, and otherwise serviceable; but not designed to reject heat intrusion and ultraviolet light – and window film is a lot more affordable!

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to represent the full line of Bekaert Films; including SolarGard®, Armorcoat®, and especially as the Sarasota area’s exclusive Panorama® window film installing contractor.

For more information, visit, or call Solar-X of Sarasota.

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Client Referrals Put Solar-X of Sarasota On Top

Sarasota-Bradenton’s Premier Window Tinting Contractor Makes Client Satisfaction Its Top Priority

Anyone who lives in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, or the surrounding area is familiar with Lakewood Ranch; a planned community with its own schools, hospital facilities, “Main Street”, and all the amenities one could hope for. It is an affluent community of condominiums, villas, and country club homes.  Included in this is “The Lake Club” –  an enclave of arched stone bridges, cobblestone street accents, gorgeous club facilities, and an array of homes so impressive they are quite literally, “mind-numbing” in their beauty and elegance.  Each home represents an investment in the millions of dollars; so it is no surprise that the owners would want to protect their furnishings and fine art from heat and harmful ultraviolet.  No surprise either that they would demand the finest window film with which to do it, or the finest craftsmen to ensure a fittingly high-quality installation.

That’s why it is no surprise when they select Panorama® HiLite 70 window film. Virtually undetectable, HiLite leaves their windows and “million dollar” views uncompromised both day and night. No reflective component, no dark tint! And they choose Solar-X of Sarasota; the area’s exclusive supplier of HiLite, and their experienced installation craftsmen to apply the film in their homes. They find us on the internet, or in the Yellow Pages, but the ones that make us proudest are the ones (like our latest Lake Club client) who came to us because they were referred to us by another Lake Club homeowner. Our ability to satisfy the most demanding clients on a regular basis is a testament to our own high standards, which we bring to every client, every day!

We’ll treat you like a king too; with a wide array of top-quality window films in every price range; like SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat®. Likewise, you’ll get  our dedicated installers; who will treat your home with the respect it deserves, and give you the quality you expect at every level.

Nearly forty years of industry experience makes a difference. Choose a company that you would want to refer to your friends. Call Solar-X of Sarasota  today!

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Solar-X Completes Third “Habitat For Humanity” Project

Dealer/Manufacturer Effort Helps Habitat Spread Funding

Solar-X of Sarasota recently completed its third donated installation of window film on a refurbished “Habitat For Humanity (Sarasota)” home.  A continuing collaberation between the film manufacturer – Bekaert Specialty Films – and Solar-X; this installation brings the total value of donated goods and services to over $1,500.00 since the start of the year. Installing film on servicable windows eliminates expensive window replacements, allowing Habitat (Sarasota) to use precious funds elsewhere.

Window Film Keeps Refurbished Homes Cool, Saves Money

The use of window film on these reconditioned homes will help keep them cool, more comfortable, and most importantly;  help the new homeowners save money on the utility bills from the day they move in. In addition, these products are “green” in the truest sense of the word. Panorama films have been measured and found to be “carbon negative” – they will reduce greenhose gas (GHG) emissions  many times over those expended in the manufacture and working life cycle of these window film products!

Commited To “Long – Term” Involvement

Solar-X of Sarasota feels very strongly about Habitat For Humanity (Sarasota), and the wonderful work that they and all their dedicated volunteers do. And we are pleased to represent a manufacturer who is generous enough to donate the window film for these jobs. Extraordinary things happen when good people get together in a common cause, and if we can be part of that in some small way, then we feel honored to do so.

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Panorama “HiLite 40″ Window Film Is Impressive

Latest Addition To Panorama Line Adds Great Looks, Performance

Bekaert Specialty Films has officially launched Panorama® “HiLite 40;” a sister film to the incredible “HiLite 70″ spectrally selective window film. HiLite 70 is the virtually clear window film that stops 55% of the total solar energy and 99+% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, without any reflective appearance. HiLite 40 is slightly darker; with impressive 61% total solar energy rejection – yet it is actually less reflective than clear untreated glass! Like HiLite 70, HiLite 40 looks completely natural, and will not compromise your views day or night!

Solar-X of Sarasota is the Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice area’s exclusive Panorama® and HiLite Window Film dealer.  We don’t think there is a more beautiful window film line on the market than HiLite, and the addition of HiLite 40 only adds to our arsenal of industry-leading products that will please the most demanding consumers. Accept no substitutes! Panorama® Window Films are backed by the industry’s most extensive warranty -“Premier Plus” – and our experienced, factory – trained installers ensure unmatched quality of workmanship on every installation.

Count on Solar-X of Sarasota to provide you with only the finest quality window films available. Since 1973, we have staked our reputation on the very best products and installation services. That’s the only way we know how to do things! Call us for a presentation and consultation when you want only the very best.

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The “Environmental Conscience” of the Window Film Industry

Solar-X of Sarasota Proud To Represent “Climate Action Leader”.

Some people lead; other people follow. San Diego-based Bekaert Specialty Films – manufacturer of SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat® Window Films – is the undisputed environmental leader in the industry.

As the first window film manufacturer to certify their carbon footprint, they were recognized as a “Climate Action Leader” by the California Climate Action Registry; the country’s most rigorous voluntary greenhouse gas reporting program.

That is just the beginning. Bekaert also achieved ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14001:2004 status – a rigorous program whose goal is to minimize manufacturing impact on the environment by reducing the ecological footprint of a business, and decreasing pollution and waste. Shortly thereafter, Bekaert earned ISO 9001:2008 certification; a program establishing quality management systems whose goal is consistency in product quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. To date, Bekaert is the only window film manufacturer who has made the commitment – both financial and ethical – to these high standards in the day-to-day conduct of their business. Further, SolarGard® window films are recognized by the Clinton Climate Initiative as being a “key resource for saving energy,” and  are included under the Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program.

Solar-X of Sarasota is delighted to represent a manufacturer whose environmental pedigree is so well-founded. If you are contemplating a window film purchase as a move toward “going green,” we would urge you to consider Bekaert’s strenuous commitment to the environment, product quality, and customer satisfaction when making a buying decision. Couple that to our own 37-year commitment to superior workmanship and corporate integrity, and you will find that Solar-X and Bekaert make a formidable team. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Window Film Is “Sea Turtle Friendly”

turtle-compliant-window-filmSolar-X of Sarasota Can Help You Save Turtle Hatchlings With Window Films.

Florida’s turtle nesting season will soon begin, running from May through October. Each year at this time, sea turtles drag their bulk up onto Florida’s beaches to lay their eggs. About sixty days later, their hatchlings emerge to begin another life cycle. They head towards light sources (before mankind discovered oceanfront living these light sources would have been the moon and the stars reflecting off the water) in order to make their way to the sea. Today, many hatchlings instead head further inland to their deaths; confused by the lights of beachfront homes and condominiums. Because of the turtles’ endangered status, Florida building codes  require  new construction with a direct “line of sight” to the beach to install glass with a visible light transmission of 45% or less.

turtle-code-comlpiant-filmMany people who own existing beachfront homes are concerned for the turtles as well. However, there is no need to go through the expensive retrofit process of installing tinted window units. There are many affordable window films that will meet the light transmission standards of the Florida codes. Not only will you help the turtles, you’ll be protecting your home from heat intrusion and ultraviolet fading. You’ll be saving on energy costs as well. It’s a win – win situation for everybody; especially the little guys who are just trying to make it to the water – where, by the way; they have a 1 in 1000 chance of surviving to adulthood. And if you’ve ever experienced the delight of seeing one of these beauties surface near your boat on an early Gulf of Mexico dawn, you’ll understand why we’d like to see them stick around for a while…

If you have a beachfront home or condo, and you want to help improve their chance of survival, make plans now to install window film before the turtles arrive.  Contact Solar-X of Sarasota today to preview our expansive line of “turtle code compliant” window films from SolarGard®, Panorama® , and Armorcoat® . Next, properly shield your exterior lights,  move beach furniture and other “obstacles” off the beach at night, and never disturb the nests! You’ll be doing something good for the turtles and yourself.

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Be More Energy Efficent With Panorama Window Film

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Increase your energy efficiency, improve your environment and lower cooling costs today! 

Today, the need to conserve energy, reduce your company’s “carbon footprint” and conform to stricter environmental standards has never been greater. At the same time, the cost of energy continues to rise – affecting your company’s bottom line. With proven heat-rejection properties, Panorama films help your business consume less energy by keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable – lowering the need for air conditioning, reducing extreme peaks in usage and allowing your cooling system to operate more efficiently and inexpensively.

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