3M Named as a World’s Most Ethical Company for Second Consecutive Year

In the fast-paced world of global business, it takes more than a written compliance policy to keep a company doing business the right way. That is why Ethisphere Institute, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, has named 3M as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company® for the second time. The designation recognizes 3M’s impact on the way business is conducted through its efforts of fostering a culture of ethics and transparency at every level of the company.

“At 3M, living by our Code of Conduct is a team effort and a responsibility we uphold for our customers, for our shareholders and for each other,” said Jim Zappa, 3M’s chief compliance officer. “The commitment of our people to the highest ethical standard and to doing business the right way promotes trust with our customers and in the quality of our products. Furthermore, it gives us confidence to grow our business anywhere in the world.”

In particular, Ethisphere recognized 3M’s compliance and ethics program and how effectively it is applied throughout the entire multinational company, creating strong social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

“The World’s Most Ethical Companies embrace the correlation between ethical business practice and improved company performance. These companies use ethics as a means to further define their industry leadership and understand that creating an ethical culture and earning the World’s Most Ethical Companies recognition involves more than just an outward facing message or a handful of senior executives saying the right thing,” said Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer Timothy Erblich. “Earning this recognition involves the collective action of a global workforce from the top down. We congratulate everyone at 3M for this extraordinary achievement.”

Solarx/NBIsuncontrol is proud to be the area’s only 3M authorized window film dealer.

So Many Benefits In One Product! | Sarasota Window Tinting

Window film is such a well known product in Florida, that it’s easy to forget that there are people out there who have never heard of it; nor are they familiar with benefits that this easily affordable product provides! So occasionally, it’s constructive to tell potential clients what window film is, and what it does…

Window film is a specially coated polyester material that is applied directly to the surface of residential and commercial windows. Most clients choose to install film for the following benefits:

Window film reduces heat gain; increases comfort: When sunlight enters through your windows, it can really wreak havoc; causing “hot spots” near windows, and making some areas almost unlivable. Closing drapes and blinds won’t help – the heat is already through the glass! A quality window film such as SolarGard®, or Panorama® will allow natural light to stream in without annoying glare and discomfort; reducing heat gain by up to 82%.

Window film protects you and your home from UV damage: Ultraviolet light ruins drapes, carpet, furnishings and artwork, and causes irreparable harm to your skin and eyes! Window film stops better than 99% of UVA and UVB rays, protecting against premature aging of skin and eyes; all while saving your valuable furnishings and art!

Window film saves energy: By reflecting as much as 82% of the sun’s heat, window film can reduce your cooling costs by 30% and more – all while maintaining a uniform “comfort condition” within your home.

Window film makes glass safer: Add an extra level of security with Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film; in “Clear” or “Sun Control.”  Armorcoat® helps hold lethal glass fragments in place if your your windows are impacted, protecting you, your family, and your pets from the piercing and cutting injuries that so often occur when glass is broken.

Decorative Films: Add a “designer touch” to windows, entry doors, shower enclosures – anywhere! With textured, patterned or embossed decorative films, there is no limit to what you can do. Enhance the appearance of problematic window areas to give your interior environment a “one-of-a kind” look that is uniquely you!

Solar-X of Sarasota sells and installs SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat® window films. We also sell and install decorative films and applied products that enhance appearance and provide privacy; and we install them all with pride and unrivaled attention to detail. If you are considering an installation of window film on your home or office, contact Solar-X today; and see why we have been the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973! Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. Serving Parrish, Palmetto, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, and North Port.




Decorative Films, Custom Glass Art | Solar-X of Sarasota

Summer Cove 2Decorative films and custom graphics are something that can make your home or office space unique. You can customize your interior environment with any number of things. “Off the shelf” decorative films are easily applied to windows, mirrors, shower doors, and front entries. Custom fabricated images that look like expensive etched glass can done in geometric patterns, or images that match your sense of style; whether they are flowers, birds, or nature scenes. Finally, virtually any image can be printed on clear film, and applied to glass! There no limits to the things that you can do!

People passing by can see right into your home through the glass front doors and sidelights. How about that big window over the tub in the master bath? Frosted and decorative films can give you a sense of privacy (and security) without losing light! So much more practical than window treatments that flop around every time you open the door – and so much more “eye-popping!”

Add a whole new look at the office; starting with a custom crafted logo on the entry. Or, add a privacy factor to glass partitions,  interior conference room panels and training areas where outside distractions are unwanted. The look is clean, uncluttered, and all business! It can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass. Best of all, it can be done with no muss and no fuss. Etching can be a real hassle – the mess of sandblasting, taking the glass out and replacing it after it is done – but frosted films can be applied quickly and without any disruption! Any fabrication is done at our facility and not where you conduct business.  Before you know it, the look of your office has been fundamentally changed!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been the area leader in decorative film as well as sun control film for forty years, with clients from Palmetto and Parrish, to Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.   Count on us to get your job done right, with the area’s most experienced installation technicians and award-winning products such as SolarGard® and SolarGard® Panorama® sun control and safety films, or the hundreds of high-quality decorative products we have available. Contact Solar-X today for a free consultation and estimate. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Custom Glass Imaging Improves Condo Entries | Window Film

Kanaya Main Entry“Kanaya” is a luxury condominium in downtown Sarasota. Close to everything, and with plenty of active owners, there is a lot of “in and out” traffic through the lobby and entries. Smudging and fingerprints on the glass were becoming a real problem; with maintenance personnel constantly called to clean and maintain the appearance of the glass in the entry doors – several times a day! Some residents were also concerned with how easy it was to see into the lobby from the busy adjacent street, and called for a “non-intrusive” solution that would give them some sense of improved privacy.

The Building Committee Chairman approached Solar-X of Sarasota for ideas. He knew of our reputation for creative solutions using films, and we approached the project with the idea of incorporating the oriental-style trim on the building into the design; creating a “shoji screen” theme in a translucent, frosted film that would not only give them improved privacy,  it would also completely eliminate the smudging and fingerprints on the glass! The maintenance supervisor is ecstatic, the homeowners are happy with the improved appearance and the improved privacy – it’s a success all around!

“Outside the box” thinking has kept Solar-X of Sarasota in a leadership position for nearly forty years.  Whenever clients want top quality window films, such Kanaya Entryas SolarGard®, Panorama®, Armorcoat®; or hundreds of decorative films  – even custom crafted window and door designs fabricated to our client’s specifications, Solar-X of Sarasota can be counted on to deliver total customer satisfaction in every detail. Installed with uncompromising attention to detail by the area’s finest craftsmen. Contact Solar-X for a consultation and estimate on your next project today. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Better Business Bureau – Rated “A+” | Solar-X of Sarasota

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Window Tinting & Coating - Residential in Sarasota FL

Oftentimes at Solar-X of Sarasota we are told by clients that they opted for us to install their window film because of our “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. They know that an endorsement from the Better Business Bureau is a time honored way of letting our potential clients know that they will be treated with respect; they won’t be taken advantage of, and that the quality of our work will live up to or exceed their expectations. In short; they believe that they are going to get a great job at a fair and honest price!

What they may not know is that in almost forty years of being in business, Solar-X of Sarasota has never had a complaint registered against them through any consumer agency! Are we perfect? Nooo…but we try to be! If we do get a call from a client who is less than satisfied (and that is rare indeed), we make sure that their concern is handled quickly and cheerfully; and that they are totally satisfied when we are done. Isn’t that what you should expect?

We hear terms like  “professional, on time, …done right the first time, friendly, tidy,…never any problems,” and most importantly, “I was referred to you by…” on a daily basis, and it is a constant reminder that we have to keep up our vigil – that we have to consistently try to be our best for our clients.  An “A+” endorsement from the Better Business Bureau just validates those efforts and makes them all worthwhile.

So when you want quality window films such as SolarGard®, Panorama® or Armorcoat® in the Bradenton, Sarasota, or Venice area, be sure to call Solar-X of Sarasota for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate from the area’s premier window film contractor. We’re going to make sure you’re glad you did! Contact Solar-X today!

A Good Product in a Bad Economy | Window Film and Tinting

Solar-X of Sarasota: Providing Window Film Solutions Since 1973

Graph/ChartEven in a bad economy, we at Solar-X of Sarasota still believe there are more opportunities for window film sales than ever before. One only needs to look at all the applications for window film products to understand why.

Both residential and commercial consumers are taking sun control film more seriously due to utility company rebates, tax credits, and window film’s proven ability to reduce energy use and lower utility bills. Performance certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) also adds credibity. Perhaps most importantly, our clients are always impressed by the quality, performance, and outstanding warranty coverage of our SolarGard® and Panorama® window films.

Safety and security-minded clients trust our tested and proven Armorcoat® films to protect their homes and offices; based on the ability of Armorcoat® to provide a strong deterrent to burglaries, break ins, and home invasion. A sad by-product of hard times, we are seeing more inquiries from homeowners who are aware of increased burglaries in their neighborhoods, and business owners who want to protect themselves from theft. Armorcoat® film may provide the protection they need by increasing the impact resistance of the glass and making it harder to gain entry.

Interest in decorative films continues, with many budget-minded clients wanting to achieve an upscale look on entry doors, shower glass, and atrium windows without the expense of using etched or patterned glass. Our commercial clients continue to take an interest in our ablity to created “etched” logos and provide a custom “privacy” look to conference rooms, glass-fronted offices, and glass partitions using state-of-the-art computerized plotting and cutting equipment.

Even in this economy, clients will continue to have needs that these high quality products can affordably address. Satisfying our clients’ needs has been our top priority at Solar-X of Sarasota since 1973. That’s what makes us the area’s premier window film installation contractor. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Go From “So-So” to “Sensational!” With Decorative Films | Window Film

Add a “Designer Touch” To Your Home…

Decorative Window Films For Interior DesignSo you have a bathroom with tired, plain shower doors. Or you want privacy for your front door and sidelights.  You’ve heard about decorative films for glass, but where do you go to find them? “Big Box” home improvement stores have three or four choices – maybe. Solar-X of Sarasota has hundreds! And we’ll bring them right to your home where you can see them, feel them, and get “in-home” decorating advice for free! Patterns of all kinds; textures like “pebbled glass,” “rain glass,” or “cut glass,” and colors. All at prices that are far more affordable than new, custom decorative glass!

Get rid of those dated shear curtains on your front door! Add privacy to a “pool bath” door! Add a “wow factor” to those shower doors in the master bath. Want a peek? Have a look at some virtual samples. Then call Solar-X for a free, no-obligation estimate. We’ll have you “prettied up” just in time for Spring!

Or Office…decorative-film-florida

Add privacy to glass between work spaces, on office doors, or open conference rooms. Welcome clients and visitors with custom-crafted, “etched glass”-looking logos on your entry doors. Eye-catching custom glass imaging adds a professional look to office spaces that can’t fail to impress.

Solar-X of Sarasota has been serving Bradenton, SarasotaVenice, and the surrounding area since 1973.  Offering the complete line of superior quality SolarGard®,  Armorcoat™, and Panorama® window films as well as decorative films, architectural wraps, and custom glass imaging for home and office. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and estimate.

Exceptional Product Knowledge, Customer Service, Define Window Film Leader

Nearly Four Decades of “Putting the Client First” Makes Solar-X of Sarasota A Winner

Window Film dealer sarasota FloridaIn an industry known for its intense competition, Solar-X of Sarasota has been able to consistently stand “head and shoulders” above our local competitors in the residential and commercial window film business.  Our encyclopedic knowledge of window tinting products, combined with our sincere interest in what you as the client are looking for (color, performance, appearance, etc.) allow us to guide you towards a purchase of the products that most suit your needs and preferences as they relate to your home or business. That knowledge; along with 38 years of deep industry involvement allow us to bring a unique perspective to any situation that many of our competitors simply do not possess. And we are delighted to share that knowledge with our prospective clients in the hopes that we can lead them to a buying decision that is completely satisfying for them.

OK, so the salesmen know alot… Who is going to install it?   

Well, for starters; how about some of the area’s most experienced installation technicians? Men who are full-time employees, with proper insurance coverage for your protection.  Men whose continued employment depends upon continuing education; men who have been factory-trained by the film manufacturer to know not just about installing window film, but about glass and glazing – and the best methods of film installation on all types of glazing systems. Men of impressive experience – our foreman alone has been with Solar-X for 34 years – and integrity – all of our installers have undergone stringent background checks. In short, professionals who will treat your home or office space with  respect and courtesy; and who will perform the very best possible installation on your windows. That’s why so many satisfied clients refer their friends to Solar-X. And they have been since 1973. Home- and business-owners from Ellenton to Englewood; Lakewood Ranch to Longboat Key – even statewide – know that when it comes to quality products, installation, and a creative, “can do!” attitude, nobody gets the job done like Solar-X! Contact us today

Tuscany Comes To Sarasota Memorial’s “Cafe 1700″ | Window Graphics | Sarasota Bradenton Florida

“Architectural Wrap” Eliminates Unwanted View  Of Construction Site

Window Signs Sarasota “Cafe 1700″, located inside Sarasota Memorial Hospital has a prime view of what – at least for the next two years – is going to be an unattractive construction site. The distraction and unsightliness of the site created a problem which hospital and cafe management wanted to eliminate in a positive manner for their customers.  One suggested solution to the problem was to close the hurricane shutters on the outside of the window. Unappealing at best, no one on staff wanted to do that. A second option was to install an opaque film on the window glass that would keep people from seeing out the window – not only a poor solution but drab and “confining.”  Upon making a call to Solar-X  however, Hospitality Services Supervisor John Shirk found that there was a third alternative – an eye pleasing “architectural wrap.” Installing a collage of pictures; printed  in large format, and “framed” by opaque window film, would give the cafe an eye-catching focal point – not a view of the back side of closed hurricane shutters, or an unattractive construction site!

Window Graphics Sarasota

John had been tasked with finding a solution to this problem and was searching for ideas when he approached Solar-X. Excited as he was by the “picture” concept, John thought that the “arty” approach might well be beyond the budget that he had been assigned for the project. But a consultation with Solar-X proved differently. Utilizing a combination of printed material and opaque window film kept the price within range.  Now “Cafe 1700″ has a creative solution that is far more pleasing to the eye than just another “ho-hum” approach.

If you are a business owner, think how an eye-catching architectural wrap could enhance your storefront. Not only will your business stand out from others to people passing by, or even drivers who see it from the street; it will immediately telegraph to potential customers what you sell, and add a creative flair that will invite people in to browse and buy. Always looking to help their clients with creative applied products, Solar-X of Sarasota would be delighted to help you bring an idea to life for your business – and at a price that fits your budget! Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Decorative Window Films | Luxury Look. Lower Price.

etched-glass-floridaSolar-X of Sarasota Excels in Decorative Films, Glass Imaging

When people think of “window film”, they rarely think of, or even know of, the hundreds of decorative film products available to them for home, office, or commercial use. There are a host of printed and embossed pattern film products for privacy. Many mimic existing glass products such as “rain glass”, or “pebbled glass”. They can be applied to existing glass at a much lower cost than replacing the glass. There are colored films; both clear and opaque, which can be used to impart a stained glass look. Frosted films can be used for privacy, and may also have images cut into them using computer plotter/cutters.

Solar-X of Sarasota works daily with architects, interior designers, and retail clients to create and install custom glass imaging made specifically for them. Residential uses may include entry doors facing the street, where privacy is desired; or sprucing up a shower door. Commercial use includes elegant “etched glass” logos in entries, or privacy in conference rooms or glass partitions. Even custom designed storefronts are not out of the question.decorative-film-florida

Solar-X consultants work with all of our clients to give them exactly what they want when it comes to decorative films and their many applications. Call Solar-X of Sarasota today to get an idea of what we can do for you!

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Decorative Films Add Function, Elegance To Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch Homes and Offices

Hundreds To Choose From – And Custom Designed!

Decorative Window Film People are using decorative window films in all kinds of creative ways –  as a “room divider” between home office space and living areas; on shower doors, or bathroom windows where privacy from the street may be an issue. Companies may use them to reduce the distraction of people walking by an interior conference room, or to add privacy between glass walled work spaces.  The uses are endless; and so are the choices.

But if an “off the shelf” product simply won’t do;  a custom-designed pattern or image, created and brought to life just for you, may be more to your liking.  Homeowners can add “one of a kind” elegance to glass front entry doors, or side lights. Corporations can  have custom logos created for their foyers, or elegant designs for glass partitions or office space – all at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.

decorative window film sarasota floridaSolar-X Will Help You Get Started. And Finished Too!

Solar-X of Sarasota has the area’s largest selection of decorative films from which to choose – at our shop or online.  And when it comes to custom design, we are ready to assist you, your architect, or interior designer in creating something unique for your home or office space. We’ll take basic ideas and turn them into reality, and when you approve of the final design, we will fabricate and install it to your specifications.

We Won’t Empty Your Wallet Either

Our decorative films will add a richness, warmth, and elegance to your home or office that you never dreamed of – at a price that will surprise and delight you. If you have glass areas that need some “wow factor”, then it’s time to call the experts at Solar-X of Sarasota. We’ll get you started – and finished – with some eye-popping ideas, and quality products. Call or contact us today.


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Decorative Films Add Style, Elegance To Homes and Offices

“In Stock” or Custom Designed, Solar-X of Sarasota Can Please Your Eye, and Your Wallet

decorative window films sarasota bradenton venice lakewood ranch flOne of the more dynamic technology advances in the “interior design” sector of the window film and tinting business has been the use of decorative films to create tasteful and eye – pleasing patterns and images on glass. Architects and commercial designers are increasingly specifying these products to provide privacy in glass walled offices and conference rooms. Reception areas and entry doors can welcome clients with corporate logos that appear to be etched into the glass. Many businesses use these products as part of a “sign package” that is both subtle and pleasing, as part of the interior decor.

etched-glass-floridaResidential designers use these products on entry doors, shower glass – even bathroom mirrors – to liven up rooms and impart a sense of fun and “style”; or to create a sense of increased privacy, elegance, and warmth.

No matter what the intended use, the design possibilities are endless; simply because the architect or designer can create just about any image they would like, and Solar-X of Sarasota can bring it from concept to reality.

Please take the time to call us and discuss any ideas you may have for existing or future projects. We can show you an extensive portfolio of stock decorative film products, or help to create a design just for you. 

Innovative thinking and fulfilling customer needs are just two of the reasons that our Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice clients keep coming back to Solar-X of Sarasota for their decorative film and window tinting needs. 

Visit our Decorative Film Catalog or Contact Solar-X today for a free consultation!

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