3M Named as a World’s Most Ethical Company for Second Consecutive Year

In the fast-paced world of global business, it takes more than a written compliance policy to keep a company doing business the right way. That is why Ethisphere Institute, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, has named 3M as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company® for the second time. The designation recognizes 3M’s impact on the way business is conducted through its efforts of fostering a culture of ethics and transparency at every level of the company.

“At 3M, living by our Code of Conduct is a team effort and a responsibility we uphold for our customers, for our shareholders and for each other,” said Jim Zappa, 3M’s chief compliance officer. “The commitment of our people to the highest ethical standard and to doing business the right way promotes trust with our customers and in the quality of our products. Furthermore, it gives us confidence to grow our business anywhere in the world.”

In particular, Ethisphere recognized 3M’s compliance and ethics program and how effectively it is applied throughout the entire multinational company, creating strong social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

“The World’s Most Ethical Companies embrace the correlation between ethical business practice and improved company performance. These companies use ethics as a means to further define their industry leadership and understand that creating an ethical culture and earning the World’s Most Ethical Companies recognition involves more than just an outward facing message or a handful of senior executives saying the right thing,” said Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer Timothy Erblich. “Earning this recognition involves the collective action of a global workforce from the top down. We congratulate everyone at 3M for this extraordinary achievement.”

Solarx/NBIsuncontrol is proud to be the area’s only 3M authorized window film dealer.

Decorative Films, Custom Glass Art | Solar-X of Sarasota

Summer Cove 2Decorative films and custom graphics are something that can make your home or office space unique. You can customize your interior environment with any number of things. “Off the shelf” decorative films are easily applied to windows, mirrors, shower doors, and front entries. Custom fabricated images that look like expensive etched glass can done in geometric patterns, or images that match your sense of style; whether they are flowers, birds, or nature scenes. Finally, virtually any image can be printed on clear film, and applied to glass! There no limits to the things that you can do!

People passing by can see right into your home through the glass front doors and sidelights. How about that big window over the tub in the master bath? Frosted and decorative films can give you a sense of privacy (and security) without losing light! So much more practical than window treatments that flop around every time you open the door – and so much more “eye-popping!”

Add a whole new look at the office; starting with a custom crafted logo on the entry. Or, add a privacy factor to glass partitions,  interior conference room panels and training areas where outside distractions are unwanted. The look is clean, uncluttered, and all business! It can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass. Best of all, it can be done with no muss and no fuss. Etching can be a real hassle – the mess of sandblasting, taking the glass out and replacing it after it is done – but frosted films can be applied quickly and without any disruption! Any fabrication is done at our facility and not where you conduct business.  Before you know it, the look of your office has been fundamentally changed!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been the area leader in decorative film as well as sun control film for forty years, with clients from Palmetto and Parrish, to Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.   Count on us to get your job done right, with the area’s most experienced installation technicians and award-winning products such as SolarGard® and SolarGard® Panorama® sun control and safety films, or the hundreds of high-quality decorative products we have available. Contact Solar-X today for a free consultation and estimate. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

“The Met” Day Spa | Commercial Window Tinting | Sarasota

“The Met” Fashion House, Day Spa, and Salon on St. Armands Circle without question has one of the most beautiful storefront/entries in the entire area. An elegant stairway set between two huge display windows beckons passers-by to come in out of the hot Florida sun and indulge themselves in luxury – whether it be shopping for mens or ladies fashions, or hours of pampering in the day spa.

However; “pampering” isn’t the word that comes to mind when you see what the sun can do to the valuable merchandise displayed in the twelve-foot-tall bay windows at the front of the store! Facing west into the afternoon sun, the heat coming through the glass can quickly ruin everything on display, fading fabrics, and causing discomfort throughout the entire front area of the store. But how do you protect against heat and fading when the ability to see into the display windows is your most important sales asset?

If you are the management at The Met, you call Solar-X of Sarasota! We were able to give them just what they needed –  a nearly undetectable window film that would reduce heat and virtually eliminate the ultraviolet light coming through the windows – without any loss of ability to see the displays, and no color change. Goods that would typically have to be written off due to damage are able to be sold without loss. Despite the challenges posed by the confined space within the display windows, our experienced installation craftsmen were able to apply the film at a quality level that is second to none, and without any disruption of normal store routine – something that is always appreciated by management personnel!

If you have a retail business where fading and sun damage is a serious issue, but you simply must have uncompromised display capability, Solar-X of Sarasota has a complete line of extraordinary products for you. And; as always those products will be installed with unrivaled quality and attention to detail by the area’s most experienced installation craftsmen. Contact Solar-X today for a free consultation if you’re getting tired of losing valuable merchandise to damage from our hot Florida sun. We’ll put our 40 years of industry experience to work protecting your valuable goods, storefront and office space. You’ll like our quick delivery, too – because when it comes to fading; time is money! Serving the Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, and Venice area since 1973. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Protection Against Gusty Weather | Armorcoat Safety Film

Tropical Storm Debby has brought torrential rains, and some powerful squalls to our area over the last few days. There is some localized flooding, a few trees are down, and lots of smaller limbs and branches are covering peoples’ lawns and some roads. It’s a perfect time to think about installing a Safety and Security window film such as Armorcoat® to the windows of your home or office. When a squall comes through your area bringing lots of rain and wind, knowing that you have Armorcoat® protecting your windows can bring real peace of mind. Armorcoat® can provide a significantly elevated level of protection when gusts of wind carry small branches, organic debris, or any other loose items; and send them flying – possibly shattering glass and driving rain into your home or place of business. It is the perfect basic protection against weather events such as Debby.

Of course, Armorcoat® protects against more than foul weather. It can provide an effective deterrent against home invasion or burglary by holding glass in place and making entry more difficult; and “sun control” versions reduce heat, glare and fading as well – making your home or office more comfortable and energy-efficient, as well as providing an increased level of safety.

If your home or place of business could use a higher level of security as well as a “dose of comfort,” contact Solar-X of Sarasota today for a free no-obligation estimate. We’ve been making people safer and more comfortable since 1973. We’ll help you choose the right film for your project and install it with the attention to detail that only the area’s most experienced installation creftsmen can provide.  The premier window tinting contractor in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice; Solar-X of Sarasota is rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.



Facility Managers Eye Sustainable Products | Window Tinting

green building window filmCommercial buildings are the leading consumers of energy and produce 39% of all CO2 emissions. As a result, forward-thinking facility managers and property management companies are actively seeking to make those facilities more sustainable.  Energy-saving practices are being put in place, and budgets prepared  for the purchase of  proven, sustainable products that will improve building environments and reduce utility costs. Carbon-negative window films such as SolarGard®, and SolarGard® “Panorama” can help facility managers achieve their goals; and substantial utility rebates can “jump start” savings from the day the film is installed!

SolarGard® and Panorama® window films reduce heat input into buildings by as much as 82%; making interior environments cooler and more comfortable. Improved comfort conditions and reduced glare make employees more productive; and the 99% reduction of  harmful UV light shields employees from premature aging of skin and even skin cancer. Managers who want these benefits and an elevated level of physical security may want to consider SolarGard® “Armorcoat” Safety and Security Film as an affordable “upgrade.” For those who are trying to achieve LEED certification, SolarGard® products may qualify for LEED credits in multiple catagories. Finally, buildings that focus on sustainability are more attractive to prospective tenants; posting higher occupancy rates than competitors who are less energy efficient. Sustainability means lower operating costs, and that means big savings for tenants over the course of a long-term lease!Carbon Negative Logo

Solar-X of Sarasota is well equipped to work with facility managers or property management companies in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.  Proprietary modeling programs can outline potential energy savings and ROI. We’ll work together with clients to determine which film best meets their needs, and we’ll install that film with an attention to detail that will please the most discriminating buyer. Contact Solar-X today. We’ll focus nearly forty years of industry experience on your project – in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, or statewide. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Energy Savings and Commercial Buildings | Window Tinting

Large Commercial BuildingsFew sectors of the window film industry represent as much in the way of potential energy savings as commercial buildings. Office buildings gobble up huge amounts of electricity to provide adequate lighting, interior cooling and heating, and of course; for office equipment. Many building managers are upgrading their lighting to more modern standards; and they should – oftentimes lighting is the single largest line item on their utility bill. Air conditioning (HVAC) usually comes next, and that’s where window film can really help…

Heat intrusion into a building can wreak havoc with interior comfort conditions. Work spaces near windows can become unbearable, and unwanted glare can make it virtually impossible to see computer screens; resulting in a substantial loss of productivity.

An installation of quality window film such as SolarGard®, Panorama®, or Armorcoat® can immediately change all that. These industry-leading products will reject up to 82% of the total solar energy, and will protect bulding interiors and inhabitants by stopping 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light that causes premature aging and skin cancer. And Armorcoat®; with its impact resistance and aggressive adhesive will add an elevated level of safety and security from dangers of all kinds.

Most importantly, these high quality films can save 30% and more on energy consumption – and that saves money! SolarGard® and Panorama® films are  carbon-negative; they qualify for LEED credits in multiple categories, and can provide a better return on investment than low-e windows when comparing cost of installation and performance. Installation is quick, quiet, and non-disruptive to office routine. And delivery time is immediate – no waiting for permits, window tear-outs and replacements, no dust, no noise – so savings can begin right away!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been actively helping building managers save energy for nearly four decades. Our experienced staff will get the job done right the first time, and move smoothly through the job with absolute minimum disruption to personnel. Start 2012 right, by taking control of your runaway energy costs. Whether you are in the Sarasota, Bradenton,or Venice area; or if you need an experienced commercial window film contractor statewide, contact Solar-X today.

Water Treatment Plant Installs Armorcoat Window Film | Sarasota Window Tinting

Two years ago, sunlight streaming through the high windows in the City of Sarasota’s reverse osmosis water treatment plant was promoting algae growth in the  the filtration system. Solar-X of Sarasota was chosen to apply sun control film to the problem windows; eliminating the factors that caused the growth, and bringing that headache to an end.

But recently, concern for the structural integrity of the windows in case of a storm gave rise to the idea that a complete installation of safety and security film would be in order – since storm panels or shutters are not a practical option –  and once again, the Public Works staff  knew who to contact to get the job done right. 

Logistically, the job was going to be a nightmare. The plant is stuffed to the ceiling with piping, holding tanks, filtration systems and equipment of all kinds. The windows themselves are 20 feet off the floor, and the only way to access them is with scissor lifts, scaffolding, or articulated bucket lifts; depending on what obstacle you need to clear. A large overhead door had to be completely removed and replaced – all coordinated with the film installation – and every window had to have full “wet glaze” edge attachments to achieve maximum strength in case of impact.

The professionals at Solar-X knew exactly what had to be done and formulated a plan to achieve the installation with minimum disruption to the ongoing operations at the plant.  The process wasn’t easy, but the end result speaks for itself. The installation was affordable – a fraction of the cost of roll down shutters or replacement with impact glass –  and the level of protection is excellent. Now if a storm approaches, the staff can attend to other preparations without having to worry about the integrity of the windows, and the same “sun control” properties that solved the algae problem now help to cool the entire plant.

Innovation and a “can do” attitude are the hallmarks of a Solar-X installation. If you have a project with “special needs” but you don’t have confidence that the job will get done on time or within budget, make sure you call Solar-X before the contract is let. Whether your project is in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice; or elsewhere in Florida, we can get the job done right. Our level of experience is hard to match; and so is the quality of our work. The Sarasota Public Works Department knows it. Find out for yourself…

“Wine Country” Comes To Lakewood Ranch Country Club | Architectural Wraps | Window Tinting

Lakewood Ranch Country Club Window TintingSeveral months ago Lakewood Ranch Country Club decided to dedicate a room within the clubhouse to the enjoyment of fine wines – an area with the ambiance of a private wine cellar; where members could sip their personal favorites or find a new one. The room dedicated to this purpose has a glass wall with entry; and club management wanted to add something – a decorative touch that would be subtle, but add a level of separation and a sense of some privacy from people passing by on their way to other function rooms within the club.   Shane Pringle, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage Services approached Solar-X of Sarasota for any suggestions we might have. Senior sales representative Brian Gregg had what turned out to be just the right solution.

Brian suggested an “architectural wrap“; in this case an image of Lakewood Ranch Window Tintingtrees and vineyards – very subtle, in tones of black and grey with a slightly frosted effect – a process called UV solvent printing. The image allows people to see in and out of the room, but adds a certain “feel” of privacy, and a sense of being in the wine regions of Europe. After approval of the sample image, an order was placed and the product arrived in plenty of time for the scheduled installation prior to opening. The “pieces” of the image were checked for proper alignment, and installed on the glass wall, where bystanders watched while the picture took shape. A short while later, the wall was transformed into the image you see above (click on the image to enlarge), and club management  couldn’t be happier with the job. The final touch of ambiance is now in place, and the room is ready to be enjoyed by all who pass through those beautiful doors!

Whether it is high quality window film, Lakewood Ranch Window Treatmentsdecorative vinyls, or today’s most sophisticated printed “wraps,” Solar-X of Sarasota has the talent and experience to bring your ideas to life. Call us with any idea that brings together “art” and “applied products” and we’ll deliver a finished product that will amaze you. Whether you are an architect specifying products for a project, or a homeowner who wants to add “something” to a plain glass door, we have the products. Contact us today, and we’ll get you started!

Tuscany Comes To Sarasota Memorial’s “Cafe 1700″ | Window Graphics | Sarasota Bradenton Florida

“Architectural Wrap” Eliminates Unwanted View  Of Construction Site

Window Signs Sarasota “Cafe 1700″, located inside Sarasota Memorial Hospital has a prime view of what – at least for the next two years – is going to be an unattractive construction site. The distraction and unsightliness of the site created a problem which hospital and cafe management wanted to eliminate in a positive manner for their customers.  One suggested solution to the problem was to close the hurricane shutters on the outside of the window. Unappealing at best, no one on staff wanted to do that. A second option was to install an opaque film on the window glass that would keep people from seeing out the window – not only a poor solution but drab and “confining.”  Upon making a call to Solar-X  however, Hospitality Services Supervisor John Shirk found that there was a third alternative – an eye pleasing “architectural wrap.” Installing a collage of pictures; printed  in large format, and “framed” by opaque window film, would give the cafe an eye-catching focal point – not a view of the back side of closed hurricane shutters, or an unattractive construction site!

Window Graphics Sarasota

John had been tasked with finding a solution to this problem and was searching for ideas when he approached Solar-X. Excited as he was by the “picture” concept, John thought that the “arty” approach might well be beyond the budget that he had been assigned for the project. But a consultation with Solar-X proved differently. Utilizing a combination of printed material and opaque window film kept the price within range.  Now “Cafe 1700″ has a creative solution that is far more pleasing to the eye than just another “ho-hum” approach.

If you are a business owner, think how an eye-catching architectural wrap could enhance your storefront. Not only will your business stand out from others to people passing by, or even drivers who see it from the street; it will immediately telegraph to potential customers what you sell, and add a creative flair that will invite people in to browse and buy. Always looking to help their clients with creative applied products, Solar-X of Sarasota would be delighted to help you bring an idea to life for your business – and at a price that fits your budget! Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Solar-X of Sarasota Tackles Fading At Buccaneers Office

Executive Office Space Installs Solar Gard Window Film For Anti-Fade Protection.

No visitor to the team offices of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers can help but be impressed with the memento-packed reception area, the life-size photographs of famous players, and the sumptuous executive office spaces overlooking the practice field at the complex. And when team management wanted to protect the hardwood flooring and furnishings in part of that space from damaging sun and ultraviolet rays, they relied on the best defensive efforts of the window tinting “special teams”  at Solar-X of Sarasota.

No rookies themselves when it comes to strict quality standards, the Solar-X installation crewFade Protection Window Film quickly installed SolarGard® “Stainless Steel 50™” –  a light film with virtually no “roomside” reflection. Scheduling was critical. The installation had to be done in conformance with the aggressive scheduling of owners and staff, without any disruption of office routine. As always, Solar-X could be relied upon to get the job done when promised. Today, the view from the office is left uncompromised; while the film stops 99% of the ultraviolet, reduces heat intrusion, and softens glare entering through the expansive window area.

Tampa UV Protective Window FilmIf your home or office has similar problems, then sign Solar-X of Sarasota to your team, and get the “All Pro” performance you deserve. From product selection, to top grade installation, you’ll see why we’ve been “on top of our game” since 1973.

LUBE Of Sarasota Gets “Up Front” Savings With FPL Incentive | Window Tinting

Custom Cabinet Store Says, “Show Me The Money;” Receives FPL Incentive

Sarasota Window TintingNo one would deny that LUBE of Sarasota (pronounced “lou-bay) sells and installs custom Italian-made cabinetry that is stunning in its quality and appearance. So it is no surprise that they would use a talented interior designer like Kurt Lucas of the JKL Design Group to best showcase the company’s products in their new location downtown on the Tamiami Trail. Despite his many talents, however, there was one problem Kurt couldn’t solve – the unbelievable heat coming through the extensive west-facing showroom windows. It was so hot that the receptionist’s work area had to be moved away from the windows to the back of the store.  And the electric bills! Over $900.00 per month!…

Sarasota Window FilmBut Kurt knew who he could call to solve his problem –  Solar-X of Sarasota! Since Kurt has worked with Solar-X on several other occasions, he knew he could count on us for the best advice. Senior sales representative Brian Gregg met with Kurt and LUBE General Manager Kerrie Miley to fully ascertain the extent of their problems. First, Brian suggested that they get a Florida Power and Light audit to help pinpoint all the potential sources of excess energy consumption that were costing them so much. FPL strongly recommended window film, and gave LUBE a cash incentive to help with the cost. With the costs in place (and very attractive), Kerrie  gave us the go ahead. After that, it was a matter of picking the best film for their purpose – heat reduction with unobstructed viewing from outside so that their beautiful products could be seen by passersby.  Cost was definitely a factor, since the building that they are presently occupying may be torn down within the next few years and rebuilt; therefore, there was no sense in buying “super high-end” window tinting.

Solar-X was able to recommend an affordable, quality window film product that perfectly suited their purpose and met their desired criteria. Light and clear enough to easily see into the store from outside, the film also stops 43% of the total solar energy and 99% of the damaging ultraviolet that can fade or mar the perfect finish on the cabinetry. There is no longer a “no man’s land” near the windows, and the rest of the store is much more comfortable.

Product knowledge and sound, professional advice to clients has made Solar-X the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973. Whatever your special needs; we can help you address them to make your home or office more comfortable and more energy efficient. Call us today, and be more comfortable tomorrow.

“WESCO Turf” Trims Heat Intrusion With Window Film, Sarasota FL

Toro® Distributor Chooses Solar-X of Sarasota Window Tinting To Cool Facilities

Factory-tinted glass windows and a large number of trees keep many of the gound floor offices at “WESCO Turf” cool and comfortable. But the second floor windows at the Sarasota Toro® Distributor are another matter altogether. Above the treeline and facing south and west; the windows in the training center let in huge amounts of heat and made the center very uncomfortable for those inside.

Sarasota Window TInting

Company management decided the time had come to take action, and contacted several local window tinting contractors to assess the job and submit proposals. After a consultation with company officials, a plan was submitted by Solar-X for an installation of SolarGard® “Solar Bronze” window film capable of reflecting 78% of the total solar energy.  The performance factor of the window film also qualified for the maximum allowable incentive from Florida Power and Light Company under their “commercial building envelope” program. As a “Participating  Independent Contractor” in that program Solar-X was able to secure an “up-front” incentive that made the purchase of window tinting all that more attractive.

Our professional approach, competitive pricing and reputation as a totally reliable vendor “sealed the deal,” and the job was completed without disruption of office routine in one day. Management was delighted with the efficient way in which the job was done, and we at Solar-X are happy to have contributed to their comfort. If you own or manage a business that is in need of comfort improvements, contact Solar-X today for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you decide which product is best suited to solve your problems, and start you on the way to increased comfort and substantial energy savings.

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Window Film Exerts “INfluence” On Fading | Window Tinting | St. Armand’s | Lido Key | Longboat Key

St. Armands Window Tinting InstallationSt. Armand’s Boutique Chooses Window Film For UV Protection.

Few things are more devastating to a retailer than the loss of inventory due to sun fading. Expensive merchandise placed in display windows can be quickly ruined by the brutal tropic sun. Leather goods, silks and cottons; all types of goods – are sacrificed to “marketing” – and are a total loss to the store.

The owners of “INfluence on St. Armands” weren’t going to stand by and watch their fabulous selection of “cutting edge” designer wear destroyed by intense sun and ultraviolet light. They were searching for the best possible solution to their problem when they contacted Solar-X. Senior Sales Representative Brian Gregg was able to show them a “spectrally selective” film of exceptional clarity that would not alter the ability of window shoppers to see in, while still protecting against utlraviolet light and heat – both strong influences in damaging fabrics. The virtually undetectable color of the film allows the true colors of the clothing to be seen. Most importantly, the ability of the film toSt. Armands Window Film Installation eliminate ultraviolet and reduce heat intrusion will help protect “the best selection of premium denim south of the Skyway Bridge” from irreparable damage.

Count on the professionals at Solar-X of Sarasota to have the right window film products for all your needs. With nearly four decades in the window film industry, we bring an unmatched level of product knowledge to whatever project you may have in mind. Call or contact us today.

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Keeping Comfort In Balance At State College Of Florida|Window Tinting Bradenton, FL

Commercial Window TInting Bradenton FloridaWith multiple campus locations and a host of buildings to maintain, State College of Florida has to keep a careful eye on expenses; especially increasing energy costs. One energy concern at the Bradenton campus was at the Neel Performing Arts Center. Consisting of a Music Studio, a Studio Theater, and a central core with a large glass area and an intense western exposure, it was very difficult to maintain a balanced temperature throughout the building. Sunny areas were too hot; areas with fewer windows were too cold. The College was having a tough time keeping all the studio pianos in tune when the temperatures spiked in the afternoons.  In order to control the heat at the windows, SCF decided to consider window film as a solution.

Solar X has completed multiple projects for SCF and was invited back by their energyCommercial Window Film Bradenton FL manager, Douglas Bucciarelli, to give some professional advice on how solar film might assist in resolving this particular issue. SCF wanted a product that would not be too noticeable, yet one that would perform at a level that would bring some relief to the building occupants and assist with the afternoon temperature spikes. Panorama “Slate 40” was chosen after carefully weighing all the performance and appearance factors. The 53% total solar energy reduction and the low exterior reflectance were perfect for the situation. The result? According to Douglas, the entrance no longer has a temperature balance problem! Stopping the Commercial Energy Saving Rebates Bradenton Floridaheat intrusion at the windows has helped to solve the problem and maximize the efficiency of the buildings HVAC system.

We are proud to work with institutions like SCF in assisting with consulting, solutions with the right products, and efficient professional installations. When you need the kind of expertise that only comes as a result of nearly four decades of deep involvement in the window film industry, you call on the professionals at Solar-X. We can make you cooler and more comfortable – just don’t expect us to tune the piano…

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Window Film’s Performance Attracts SGM Magnetics | Sarasota Florida

Superior Heat Rejection Keeps Offices Cooler and  More Comfortable.

Despite the fact that there are blinds in every window at the offices of SGM Magnetics on Apex Road, the morning sun’s heat comes through the glass and window treatments like a laser; increasing the interior heat and discomfort to the point where it is intolerable. That’s when Julie Most started exploring the possibility of installing window tinting on the East and South windows.

Smart businesswoman that she is, Julie called several potential film vendors for an estimate; but eventually chose Solar-X to do the work, based on our large selection of quality products, our reputation as a competent and trustworthy contractor, and the affordability of our products.

Window Tint  Controls Glare and UV.

Based on our recommendation, SGM opted for a “dual reflective” product that stops 79% of the total solar energy. It softens the harsh glare; allowing office occupants to open their blinds to the point that they don’t feel completely “closed in.” It also protects people and furniture from the sun’s harmful UV light, and allows them to more easily see their computer screens. Most importantly, the heat intrusion that prompted Julie to call us in the first place, will now stay outside where it belongs!

“We should have done this the day we moved in here”…

That’s what Julie said when asked if the film was performing as hoped, and if she was pleased with their new purchase. Not surprisingly, we hear that answer alot! Superior products, and 37 years experience in the industry ensure smooth, hassle-free installations and your total satisfaction.  Contact Us for an estimate today!

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SW Florida Water Management District “Dives In” To Window Film

Local SWFWMD District Office Undergoes Energy-Saving Project

Allen Loura knows about saving energy. As the “Master Trades Worker” at the Sarasota office of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Mr. Loura is in the process of overseeing a complete change-over to energy-saving LED lighting for both the interior as well as the exterior of his facility on Fruitville Road. He’s also taking other steps for interior comfort and energy reduction. Recently he called Solar-X of Sarasota for a window film estimate on the problematic West, South, and East elevations. The large windows were letting an overload of heat intrusion into the offices situated around the perimeter of the building; causing a great deal of discomfort, temperature instability from one side of the building to the other, and generally unhappy occupants.

After a thorough consultation, a product was decided upon that rejects 79% of the total solar energy radiating through the windows, and a date was set for the installation.  With this film choice, Solar-X was able to save them additional money with a Florida Power and Light Commercial Rebate for the work done on the western exposure at the highest applicable incentive rate; making the price even more affordable. The work went very quickly – there was no disruption of office routine – and now every occupant is much more comfortable; in fact (in Mr. Loura’s words), they are “delighted” with the application.

Making people more comfortable has been our business for thirty seven years! Whether you are interested in window tinting for your home or office, we have the best selection of quality window film products to meet your needs, and the kind of quality installation workmanship that sets  the standard for everyone else. When you want your job done right, call on the people with the most experience – the professionals at Solar-X!

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Window Film Saves “Dough” For University Park Bakery

John Dough Bakery and Cafe” Installs Window Film To Keep Goods From Being  “Sun-Baked.”

Nothing tastes better than fresh “out of the oven” goods from a bakery. And nothing would be more disappointing than having those goods spoiled by sitting in the sun and going stale. So when “John Dough Bakery and Cafe” owner Bill Ekasala called Solar-X with concerns about the east-facing storefront at his soon-to-open bakery in University Center we knew exactly what he was going to need – some effective heat protection, yet a film that was light enough for passers-by to see the goods on display in his cases. Bill was impressed with our product knowledge, our ideas, and our ability to understand and act on his concerns. He immediately made arrangements to have us install the film.

Display cases were scheduled to be installed directly behind the storefront windows, so access to the windows themselves, and the timing of the installation was critical. A date was set with the “build out” contractor, and as always, Solar-X could be depended upon to install the job when needed. The installation was completed in a day; none of the other trades on the project were disrupted, and the area is now ready for display case installation – exactly as promised. We wish you the best of luck in your new location, Bill; and can’t wait for you to open.

If dependability and professionalism are at the top of your list when choosing a vendor for your projects, call Solar-X for an introductory meeting or presentation. Count on us for timely delivery, and a “do-it-right-the-first-time” attitude that will keep your project on schedule.

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Venice “Ross Dress For Less” Store Installs Armorcoat Safety Film

Venice Department Store Protects Its Windows With Security Film

Ross Stores, Inc. is the nation’s second largest off-price retailer. They operate 953 Ross Dress For Less® stores across the country. That large an operation represents an awful lot of inventory, and it only makes sense to protect it from sun damage, or burglary, or; if you live along the Gulf Coast – potential looting after a storm or hurricane. So when the Venice, Florida store wanted to protect their display windows from storm damage and unlawful entry, the company’s facilities management service called upon the leading Armorcoat Safety and Security Window Film dealer in the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice area: Solar-X of Sarasota.

A quick conversation with their facilities management representative led us to discover that they had no idea about enhancing the performance of Armorcoat with “wet glaze” edge attachments – no other potential vendors had even brought the subject up! It didn’t take long for them to find that they were dealing with knowledgeable professionals; and, once armed with proper  information, it didn’t take them long to decide who they wanted to have protect their property. Solar-X of Sarasota’s courteous and experienced installers worked with store management to ensure that there was no disruption to shoppers or management, and got the job done quickly and efficiently. Management was delighted – and very complimentary!

If you have a business in Venice, Englewood, or North Port, and you are looking for storm protection, burglary deterrence, or sun control – and you want it done right – call Solar-X of Sarasota today. Our well-trained staff will ascertain what you need , and make the right product recommendations to get your problems solved!

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“Grand Bay” Chooses Quality Window Film From Solar-X | Longboat Key Florida

Solar-X provided replacement window film and tinting services to one of Longboat Key’s finest!

Grand Bay” is a luxury condominium situated on one of the more beautiful bay-side areas of Longboat Key. Recently, we were contacted by the Chairman of the Property Management Committee regarding the possible replacement of window film on the complexes Fitness Center.  It was plain from the beginning that we were dealing with a “no nonsense” individual who was unafraid to ask hard questions and demand straight answers about our window tinting products and services. He wanted to know whose products we used – and why. He wanted to compare performance, and warranty coverage. He was looking for quality product; and professional, top grade installation.

Professionalism from consultation to installation.

An extensive consultation took place between the Committee Chairman and Solar-X of Sarasota’s Brian Gregg. After careful consideration, Brian suggested Panorama® “Slate 20;” a dual-reflective window film whose combination of high performance, and low interior reflectance was guaranteed to help with their heat intrusion; and please the eye with its enhanced aesthetics. The industry-leading coverage of Panorama’s “Premier Plus” warranty, and performance certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council  added the assurance of recognized quality. Solar-X of Sarasota’s thirty-seven year involvement in the window tinting industry, our factory-trained and certified installers, and our overall professionalism “sealed the deal.” After  several more “Q & A” sessions, Grand Bay selected Solar-X of Sarasota. The installation – as expected – went smoothly, without disruption, and the residents are now enjoying the performance and new-found good looks of their Panorama® window film.

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Solar-X of Sarasota has been satisfying  the discriminating buyers on Longboat Key and Anna Maria, as well as Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice for nearly four decades. Call us today!

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