Sarasota Window Film

The Valenciana Family


An important aspect of being in business is giving something back to the community that supports you and provides you with a living. Everyone who works at Solar-X loves living in Sarasota. It is truly a beautiful place; possessed of white sand beaches, gorgeous weather, arts and culture. Yet; like in every other community, there are some who don’t have the same advantages as many of us. Even so, they want the same things for themselves and their families as the rest of us – safe neighborhoods, good schools for their children – and a decent place to live.

Habitat For Humanity – Sarasota, has been helping many less fortunate families in need of affordable housing for years. Their Neighborhood Stabilization Program allows people to move into refurbished homes in established neighborhoods; stabilizing property values, stopping further deterioration, and generally restoring a sense of community.  Refurbishment is done with an eye towards energy efficiency, and that’s where we at Solar-X come in…

Some homes need new windows. They are replaced with energy efficient units at considerable expense. Other homes have perfectly serviceable windows, but they lack those qualities that make them energy efficient.  Solar-X of Sarasota; in partnership with Saint-Gobain SolarGard, LLC –  the San Diego-based manufacturer of high quality Panorama® Window Film – has committed to install Panorama® Window Film on those windows deemed necessary by  Habitat at no cost. The money saved by this ongoing contribution can then be spent on other energy-saving items; allowing allocated funds to be spread further on other projects. Finally, the application of Panorama® window film will make the home more comfortable,  reduced energy consumption saves on carbon emissions and helps the environment, and  the new owners save money every month! That makes it a “win – win” situation for everybody.

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be a sponsor of, and donating partners to a fine organization like Habitat For Humanity -Sarasota.