A Cool New Office For Ackerman Plumbing | Window Tinting

Ackerman Plumbing SarasotaEven before Ackerman Plumbing moved into their new location at Whitfield Park Loop, they knew they were going to have to do something about reducing the heat that was pouring through the sixteen foot tall windows on the East and South side of their building. The windows  let in a wonderful amount of light; but in order to function as a comfortable and productive space, management decided they had to get pricing on installing window film. They were hoping that window film could reduce the heat input  and still preserve the pleasing effect of the large and airy window area.

Several window film contractors were called, and after careful consideration, Solar-X of Sarasota was chosen to install SolarGard® “Silver 20™” window film. Solar-X has been providing expert commercial installation to our clients for nearly forty years; and Silver 20™ is the classic “workhorse” window film.  No frills;  high performance – stopping 79% of the sun’s heat, glare, and 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light. The attractive, softly reflective appearance modernizes the building, providing daytime privacy and a uniform architectural appearance.

Another pressing concern was coordinating all the trades that had to refurbish the office space prior to moving in. Solar-X has a proven track record of working with clients to make sure that their work is completed on time, every time. And even though there were some delays that forced us to reschedule our original installation date, we were still able to get in and complete our work in plenty of time for the “move-in.”

Now, the interior space is not only comfortable, it is fully usable right up to the windows. The softly reflective surface of the film adds to the overall appearance of the building. Most importantly, Ackerman Plumbing is saving “about $100.00 per month”  on their utility bills, based on what the former tenants were paying. That puts the payoff period at about two and a half years. Comfort and Savings is what we at Solar-X do best!

In Sarasota, or anywhere in Florida – for expert commerical installation, top quality film products, and timely delivery – contact Solar-X today. The area’s premier window film contractor since 1973.